“This intriguing book pays tribute to the many “local” pop stars, without whom popular music would likely not have happened the way it did. Not every teenager could see the touring pop shows, but they could see their local groups and hear the current songs of the day every week in their town or village hall. All the groups included in this authoritative and extremely well researched chronicle of the period were a part of the fabric of the success of popular music, and for this reason the book is an important, fascinating and informative read. My copy will be on my bedside table for years!”
Deke Arlon – Deke Arlon & The Offbeats
Mark V
“What a fabulous book. It picks up where all the other books on British Rock leave off."

Chris Huston – The Undertakers


“I was one of the lucky ones, and fortunate enough to join The Kinks. This would not have been possible without the experience I gained as a member of The Mark Four, especially playing in Germany, which many of these bands also experienced. What a fantastic idea to do an encyclopaedia, which I think is brilliant, about all these bands striving to make a name for themselves. I’m sure there will be many musicians and ex musicians up and down the country that will get hours of enjoyment out of this book and it will bring back many fond memories, as it has done for me. Many thanks to Bruce, for this incredible encyclopaedia, and for the memories of when the music was just good fun.”

John Dalton – The Mark Four and The Kinks

Peter Tierney & The Nighthawks
Tuesday's Children

“I can honestly say this is the best coverage I have ever read relating to this remarkable period. There is no doubt that reading this book will bring out the “Wow, I never knew that” in everyone who enjoys it, just as it did for me. As an encyclopaedia, this is a beautifully crafted piece of work; as an excursion into the musical by-ways and back streets of the sixties, it is priceless.”

Barry Langtree – The Lancastrians


“I can honestly say it is the best book on 60’s pop music I have ever read. I found it utterly fascinating, full of unknown facts I never knew about and extremely interesting.”

Mark Newson – Editor, Thunderbolt Magazine – The Joe Meek Society


“I have to say it’s an excellent piece of work.”

Peter Illingworth – David John & The Mood

“For anyone interested in British music’s post-Beatles, pre-psych history, this book is essential; that it’s been compiled by a British Columbia based author just beggars belief. We’re willing to bet you won’t find a similar tome so meticulously researched on this side of the Atlantic. 5 Stars

Jason Draper – Record Collector Magazine

“Every page is packed with interesting information. Importantly it throws light onto under-researched aspects such as British female guitar-wielding beat groups like The Mission Belles from East Ham. An excellent photograph accompanies their entry and band photos are liberally peppered throughout the book making for a real visual feast as well as an informational one. Leafing through this volume is a joy.”

Paul Martin – Shindig Magazine


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